neděle 15. ledna 2017

These unabated drinking binges with Pavel Bakič.

Masivní série decentních ožíraček. // Mnoho jízd. // Popovídat si o Mostu. // Popovídat si o Srebrenici. V Haagu. // What a way to start a new year: pissing, fucking, sucking and fisting the night away. // Pigboy and Kieran engage in some old-school cruising. // Jídeláky. // Životy v próze. // Čuráci. // On Friday, John called around dinner time and informed me that Frank wanted to go to "another bar" which was a "bit further away", and I should dress "not too queeny". I didn't ask more questions, but when I arrived at John's place he was wearing a Spanish police uniform.

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