sobota 14. prosince 2013

Historky z minibarů II

Please listen to what this man is saying to you. He is being very clear and up-front about who he is and what is possible for him, so what part of "I may not be able to give you what you need" do you not understand? Try to think of him as the person he really is, not someone whom you could possibly change in the future. The facts are plain and well-explained by him: he is ambivalent about you, his sexual orientation and even about sex in general, and he does not want put any energy into having intercourse with you more than once a week. There is no "maybe" here. And there is actually no problem at all – as long as you can accept him as he is. Are you OK with having great sex with him once a week with no future plans? If not, move on. And this is definitely not about you!

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